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The Definition of Clutter

Clutter is defined as: "Filled or littered with things in a disorderly manner. Disarray. A state or condition of confusion." We define it further as anything that is unnecessary for you to have, and/or does not make you feel good or happy. Becoming Clutter free means eliminating clutter so that you are then surrounded with items that are necessary for your everyday life and wellbeing, and that you enjoy. As you begin the process of de-cluttering, you will begin to see improvement in other areas of your life as well such as: Better sleep quality / Reduction of stress / Boost in energy and confidence. You dont organize clutter you get rid of it. Thus, you become clutter free. We at Clutter Free are here to help you organize your world.


How Shelley Sees It

When you remove clutter and bring or restore order to your surroundings, stress seems to melt away. Optimism replaces cynicism and the impossible suddenly seems utterly achievable. A renewed creativity comes and productivity abounds. When you have a clean, well organized space in which to work, play, sleep, build, and create in, life seems to feel more balanced and goals, hopes and dreams flow freely once again.

Where chaos abounds, confusion sets in breeding despair and hopelessness. We want to help you bring order to your chaos so that you can get back to more important things like family, work, ministry, and your best possible future. Our passion is to help you get yours back. Becoming Clutter Free can help in this process tremendously.


Thank you KTOK Radio for hosting us to discuss how we help people declutter and destress their lives through the thoughtful process of organization. We love to share tips and tricks that are super simple and easy - but will help get you organized so that you can get on with more important living your life.

Having us come in and get you deep cleaned AND organized can be the best strategy to start the new year off on the right path - the path to less stress and more success. Check out our live interview on KTOK! Just click > LISTEN NOW!