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Clutter Free focuses on bringing order to your chaos - clean and calm to your personal spaces. We work with your style, personality and organizational needs in mind, to achieve order and efficiency in your home, office and even your garage.

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Love a clean house but have no time? Want a deep, thorough cleaning to get back on track? We get that. Selling and need help staging.

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Need help maximizing profits from your estate sale? Don't even know where to begin? We've got you.


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Trying to sell your home but need it to look amazing? Let us set the stage!

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You don't organize clutter, you get rid of it and become clutter free. We want to help make waking up, getting dressed and going to bed something you enjoy instead of dread because your space will be organized in such a way that you can maintain order by taking simple, easy to follow steps that take just 15 minutes each day.


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Our desire is to help make your move as painless as possible so you can focus on the real priorites in life...your family..

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Organizationing your MOVE can save you time, and your sanity - providing you with plenty of time and peace of mind when you get to your new home.

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When you need clean but don't have the time, just book our Clean Team and schedule according to your needs. Once a week or a Deep Clean, we'll help your home sparkle and shine.

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